My boss let me do some research on Android, and want to see how effect it need and if many people will download and use it.

after set up development environment, and running the Hello world, My next step is make the GUI look nicely and give my application our icon.

Do some search and find how to assigning a icon to my application:

Assigning an icon to your Android application just takes a minute.  Actually creating the icon may take a bit longer. :P

  1. Create a 48×48 PNG and drop it into /res/drawable.  The name of this file is usually “icon.png”.
  2. Open your AndroidManifest.xml.
  3. Right under the root “manifest” node of the XML, you should see the “application” node.  Add this attribute to “application”. (The “icon” in “@drawable/icon” refers to the file name of the icon.)

Your app is now iconned.

(Posted in Android by MrSqueezles at January 31st, 2009.)