September 10, 2011
@ 01:05 AM
I created a new MVC project, and test the remote validation in the about page.

1)Controller Home:
               public ActionResult ValidateTestName(string testName)
            return Json(!testName.Equals("test"),
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;
using System.Web.Mvc;

namespace MvcApplication1.Models
    public class AboutModel
        [Remote("ValidateTestName", "Home", ErrorMessage = "this Name already be used.")]
        public string TestName { get; set; }

        [Range(20, 44)]
        public int Age { get; set; }
In _Layout.cshtml:

In About.cshtml

@model MvcApplication1.Models.AboutModel
    ViewBag.Title = "About Us";


Put content here. @using (Html.BeginForm()) { @Html.EditorForModel(); "submit" value="Submit" /> }

It is working perfect under FireFox 6:

but not working in my IE9 :(...
I have downloaded Jquery.Validation 1.8.1 try to fix this issue, but looks still unlucky.
(Jquery.Validation site :

but this post in stack overflow said it tested in
Chrome 10.0, IE9 and FireFox 4.0