March 17, 2013
@ 12:30 AM
A friend from mitbbs shared his SEO tips with us.
very good job,,thanks

Lot of people are interested in how to have their websites rank high on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Well, there are a LOT to write about this, but rather than telling people how to do it, I think it makes more sense to list all the problems/issues I see why people failed to rank high on search engines.

1) Site speed is slow

In the past, site speed/page load is not that important compared to content itself, but these days, increasingly, search engines want to give users results from faster sites. It is just a better user experience for search engines to honor, also with the booming of mobile traffic, this becomes even more important.

2) Wrong keyword selection

This is one of the most important part for ranking on search engines. Some keywords are just so easy to rank, but others have very high competition. The trick is to identify the easy keywords and write content targeting those keywords. It is just so much easier to find a low competition niche than trying to compete with established sites out there.

My experience is, unless those established sites screw up, otherwise, chances are they would keep ranking high on Google and Bing for their keywords. The reason is, the older the domain and content is, the more trust factor search engines would assign to it.

3) Content becomes stale

These days, search engines take social signals into ranking consideration as well. So the more karma the content gets, be it facebook likes, pinterest pins, Google+ pluses, the higher it would rank.

Just like any business, if you don't keep the content fresh with new social signals, it will deteriorate over time. This also includes not updating your site with new content on a daily basis.

4) Not enough valuable links to the content

Even though there are other ranking factors these days that seemingly are more important, but at the basic level of the web, http protocol and links are still the foundation. So, for a page to rank high, it needs to get enough "votes" from other creditable sources. This not only helps search engines, but also humans to find the content, by following those valuable links pointing to this page.

5) Article is too short

The article could be too short to be ranked well. Think about wikipedia, their article is typically very long and thorough about a subject matter. So I suspect that unless your keyword selection is super niche and no competition, it is harder to rank well with short articles.

I think these are all I could think about for now. Finally, this article maybe updated from time to time to reflect the changing landscape of search engine optimization.

6) Poor grammar or spelling

If the article is not readable, then, it will not rank well. Proper grammar and spelling are quite important. They may not be directly affecting the ranking, but there are elements that are similar to spelling and grammar that search engines would consider.

So writing well, having content that 9 out of 10 people say, that's a well written piece, is very important.

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October 26, 2012
@ 12:03 PM
IE8 only...
if you give TD a class,,,

<td class='col1'>---</td>

it will lost the "text-align" defined in parent element.
you need add " text-align: inherit;" to make it align left or right...

very difficult to find the right solution of this issue.

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August 16, 2011
@ 12:35 PM

hold alt and input 0153 you will got ™
0174 you will got ®

to put/replace them in string:
str.Replace("&#174;","\u00AE").Replace("&#174", "\u00AE").
                    Replace("&#0153;", "\u2122")

some time you need use <sup>&reg;</sup> in html

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May 28, 2010
@ 10:21 PM

Google Font API Test!

It make the page different

it is easy to use.

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September 8, 2009
@ 11:39 PM
Check this link:

It can help to find many of you css errors.

but not all errors report by it need be fix.
upper link got two errors:
171 #mainmenu li Property zoom doesn't exist : 1
183 #mainmenu a Value Error : background-color steelblue is not a color value : steelblue

"Zoom" is working for IE and it can fixed the missing border in IE6.
"steelblue" is a well used web color. it works fine in IE and fireworks.

There is also a xhtml validator offered by W3 site,
add the links to your web site, so you can validator your page by one click:

<a href="">CSS</a>
<a href="">XHTML</a>

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June 30, 2009
@ 11:47 AM

When using CSS in you web page, the CSS looks always want you to give out the exactly height and width  to each of the block in you pages. But in a dynamic web site, the content is loaded from database and can be updated by user again and again,  we will never know what the content's width and height will be.  So control the block's height change don't break the page's view are a very important task for a web developer.

and another challenge thing  is make you page looks always good in different browsers.

The worse thing is if  your css  didn't define some of  values, it will looks different in different browsers, see below image, my test page have different look in IE6,Firefox, and Chrome:

To fix it is very simple, just need add one line in the Css for the parent block


Some discussions are here

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