I like to try some Version Control Site. After some search. I found http://www.xp-dev.com/ and https://www.projectlocker.com/ looks good.
another choice,free svn/git : http://www.assembla.com/catalog/tag/free
I will test the speed and tools of the service and give report later.

In My previous job, I was using vss and svn same time for my project,,,I check in to Vss every day as my privite branch and update/check in to svn trunk for release (QA/Tesing) when a test completed.


And these are two SVN plugins for visual studio:


 1)Free svn visual studio extension (open source): http://ankhsvn.open.collab.net/downloads

 2) Visual svn ($49): http://www.visualsvn.com/

There are both good, but usually I think the tortoise svn is good enough.


3) Svn vs. Git

And there is comparison between couple popular version control tools:



As I know more and more projects teams moved from svn to git recently.

Git’s strong point is branch and merge.( http://carsonified.com/blog/web-apps/why-you-should-switch-from-subversion-to-git/ http://www.brandonsavage.net/git-versus-subversion-a-reconsideration/ )

I have no chance to use git yet, but almost all the people I know who used git recommend Git.  Since we only have one project in svn, maybe use Git  is good for us in the long term thought.


Just my two cents:

The svn,vss or Git are just tools,  the important thing is everybody follow the right procedure /rules. 



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