June 30, 2009
@ 11:47 AM

When using CSS in you web page, the CSS looks always want you to give out the exactly height and width  to each of the block in you pages. But in a dynamic web site, the content is loaded from database and can be updated by user again and again,  we will never know what the content's width and height will be.  So control the block's height change don't break the page's view are a very important task for a web developer.

and another challenge thing  is make you page looks always good in different browsers.

The worse thing is if  your css  didn't define some of  values, it will looks different in different browsers, see below image, my test page have different look in IE6,Firefox, and Chrome:

To fix it is very simple, just need add one line in the Css for the parent block


Some discussions are here http://bbs.et8.net/bbs/showthread.php?t=973769

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June 9, 2009
@ 05:29 PM
Just spend some time to try the ASP.NET MVC framework.
MVC it self is not a new stuff,  there are many famous frameworks in JAVA like Struts.
In the .Net, you also can find some open source MVC framework, like monoRail in castle project.
I am just surprised why Microsoft release its MVC framework so late.

Them ASP.NET MVC solve the  problem that you can't do Unit Testing in the ASP.Net websites. it make the responsibility of each parts more clear.
And the Url rewrite can let you have User and SEO friendly url easily.
It get rid of viewstates in "post back", which will make the page size smaller and improve the performance.
And especially in AJAX post back, the response time will much faster, because it don't need load any other controls in that page and their viewstates.

but I just feel hesitated to use MVC in my new project for those reasons:

1. Not as easy and fast as the web form Page Control model. It may good for some complicate and big application. 
2. Don't have good support by IDE, I may missing some plug-in or starter kit, but I think do MVCp rogramming  in VisueStudio 2100 may be easier than current VS2005/2008.
3. Little bit complicate to build a simple page. write a View give me some trouble, and spend more time than I expect.
4. There is not controls and components available for us to using in the project to save developing time. But I know some components vendors will support MVC soon, will find that out when got chance.
5. It is not easy to find a good sample project and documents. Some books are in releasing or just published. I am still waiting it come out and want to check if them are worthy to buy.

The MVC is the first release from Microsoft. As well know the first product from Microsoft always looks ugly and silly. but it always have good chance to bet it competitor.

Though I said something bad to MVC, but I still think it is a good thing for ASP.net programmer.
I just think I may wait the next release of MVC and decide if to use it in my real projects.

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