November 28, 2012
@ 10:59 PM
we are practice BDD by using specflow.

for a web application, when  the user story converted to specflow acceptance test,  it is all for broswer.

Acceptance test for controller is only for developer, not for non-tech business owner/analyst

So I want to use some tool to fill the gap.  After some Google search, I found Coded UI and WatiN could do this job.

Below two articles have a very good example how to do it.

specflow with CodedUI

Specflow with WatiN

Ok...which one is better?

 I need to try them and  compare them.

After try both of them,
I think Watin is much better for programmer and much easy to use.
my CodeUI code was broken soon after couple change, and it is very difficult to intigrate with the specflow.

see my other post for my code of specflow and watiN

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